PMP Personalization Management Platform

Generic production management solution for personalization bureaus and card manufacturers

PMP is a flexible and modular solution that enables data management for the production, personalization and fulfillment of cards dedicated to a wide range of applications. Depending on the characteristics of the card, suitable modules are available which fully support all related process steps.

PMP is a holistic and modular platform that has a special high security architecture. Thanks to its modularity it can be customized for different card manufacturing and personalization applications including SIM, financial, ID, eHealth, etc. It provides open interfaces based on XML schemes that allow integration of heterogeneous machine parks as well as the communication with external entities.

The full complexity of production and personalization data is handled by an Oracle 11g database and real-time interfaces to personalization machines.
Contact us for a demo of our PMP-production solution for a comprehensive data management of card relevant production and issuing processes.
Technical Specifications – PMP-production
Production Management Incorporating the available production machines and assigning their functionalities. Definition of the workflow for the production of each specific product (e.g. SIM cards, EMV banking cards, ID cards). Production data import and acceptance. Data preparation and job (batch) creation. Response data generation, e.g. creation of PINs, creation of reports for production, quality, stock, or customized actions. Based on all this information, production planning and optimization processes are possible also.
Key Management Administration of all needed keys for data preparation and chip personalization. Temporary as well as permanent keys can be managed, all processes also can use HSMs which are administered. Random number generation for EMV banking cards and asymmetric (RSA) and symmetric (Triple DES, AES) cryptographic algorithms.
Scripting One proprietary scripting interpreter is available mainly for GSM cards, and a global platform script interpreter can be utilized for high security cards like EMV banking and ID cards. Using the related script languages, new personalization routines can be created and existing ones can be modified.
Stock Management All material used within the production process like cards, paper, envelopes etc. can be administered and controlled. Different stock locations can be defined, so the precise location of each specific item is always available. Even external warehouses, distributors or POS can be integrated.
Quality Assurance Quality checks at different stages like incomming goods, finished goods, chip card test programs etc. can be performed. Also the release procedure of PMP-production will be supported, i.e. after passing the phases “experimental” and “pending” a new product can be set to “released”.
Audit and further Security Functions All security relevant actions performed by the user and the system are reliably audited and the related information will be written into an audit file which can not be manipulated. A user, role and rights management combined with access control is used to limit access rights for using the different modules and functions, which also builds the basis of the audit functionality. The automatic system back-up covers all data and configuration files, as well as access control and system keys.
External Communication A secure communication with third parties like home location registers (HLM) or trust and authentication centers can be set up. Data transfers like the exchange of certificates, (partial) keys and digital signatures are safeguarded through encryption.



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