Modular software solution for pharmaceutical serialization and track & trace applications

MEDTRACKER is a modular software solution which has been designed for serialization and track & trace applications in the pharmaceutical environment. MEDTRACKER allows to administrate multiple lines or sites over all ISA95 levels at the same time. Thanks to the modular software architecture its functionality can be seamlessly extended at any time.

MEDTRACKER is the serialization solution that targets at pharmaceutical packaging and distribution processes. The software is able to map and control almost any packaging related workflow including serialization, aggregation, manual rework or repacking. Once configured for a specific purpose, it is possible to seamlessly extend its functionality and to carry out changes with minimal effort also with regards to validation. MEDTRACKER meets the requirements for already implemented and expected coding principles such as EDMC in China, PPN and GS1 in Europe or DSCSA in the United States and is also prepared for communication standards like EPCIS.

Besides of compatiblity with equipment from Atlantic Zeiser interfacing with existing hardware and machinery is on demand also possible. Disaster recovery features and secure, encrypted data transmission to remote sites proof the maturity of the MEDTRACKER solution.

MEDTRACKER licenses are perpetual and royalty-free. No “click charge” will be applied, no matter how many serial numbers are generated or managed.

Challenge Atlantic Zeiser and MEDTRACKER with your requirements!

Line Manager This module takes care about printing and / or RFID data loading and aggregation along a single packaging line. Depending on the line’s complexity, several MEDTRACKER-submodules can be selected which are totally monitoring all coding relevant actions along the line, including a multi-level aggregation scheme.
Multi Line Manager Often, there are several packaging lines within a Site (Factory) of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. In this case, a higher ranking superior database management system is required which holds all the operative data of all packaging lines. Moreover, a link / interface to MES- and ERP systems will be established.
Multi Line Manager Extension This package manages all coding relevant action along the packaging line in the same way than MEDTRACKER Line Manager, but central modules like database, administration, audit, etc. are excluded as they are part of the MEDTRACKER Multi Line Manager Package.
Logistic Manager After having done the entire packaging up to the palette level including storage of all parent-child relationships (aggregation), the pharmaceutical manufacturer must handle shipment orders from different whole salers. MEDTRACKER Logistic Manager is linking all aggregated codes to a certain shipment number of a certain whole saler. In this way, the pharmaceutical manufacturer exactly knows when which numbers of which medicine has been moved into which market region / whole saler. After the goods have been shipped into the market, MEDTRACKER can provide the according codes to the central national databases. An adequate Package also is defined for the distributors, which in addition manages the shipment to pharmacies.
MES The software modules of MEDTRACKER can be assembled in a way that an entire MES for overall code management is build up. The MES is able to monitor multiple packaging lines in multiple factories for a wide variety of products, codes, and customers.


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